club management

Imagine yourself going to Club Med. Having a whale of a time. But not drinking too much because you’ve got to be up at the crack of dawn to tee off for the club tourney. You see the waitresses, the barmen, the floor managers. Looks like they’re all having a great time too. But no. It’s part of their job. To smile. And to put on a happy face. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Anyway, running any kind of club these days, night or day, is no mean feat.

Try running a golf club for a change. But then again, maybe you have. Maybe this is your field. And it’s pretty hard these days, isn’t it? Especially now with COVID-19 and all. Not so easy to keep revenue streams going. Heck, it wasn’t even easy under normal circumstances. Right, so while you still have a club to run, why don’t you bring this up at your next board meeting with your fellow board members?

Never mind the expense of doing so for now, let the first consultant you meet explain to you how that will work, but why don’t you raise the matter in your next meeting? Instead of always battling to make ends meet, try out professional club management instead. Yes, there’s bound to be an expense initially. But going forward, and yes, there is that too, it does take a while to realise, you’ll always have a good return on your investment.

But don’t listen to the writer. Or should that be; read the writer. Rather listen to what the pro consultants have to say about running a golf club in the professional manner. Give it a try at least. Because if you don’t, maybe next year there won’t be a golf club to run.

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