A big construction project can take a long time and be exhausting, so the final day of work can be exciting and relieving. This often doesn’t last long, though, once you realize you have a big mess to clean up. Contractors do not clean up the debris and other areas they have worked in, which means the responsibility falls to you.

Dust is one of the biggest things you tackle, as it tends to get everywhere. Dust can make your building look dirty and will also lower the air quality of the area. Getting rid of it is essential before you move into your home or begin setting up your commercial business which is why many look to post-construction cleaning services glen burnie, so let’s look at what to do to get rid of all the dust left behind after your construction project has been completed.

Wipe Surfaces

post-construction cleaning services glen burnie

One of the first things you may want to do is wipe down any surfaces that were exposed to dust. This may seem obvious, but many people may save this for last and find that they should’ve started with it. Check on top of cabinets, interior shelving, and floor baseboards. You will also want to wipe down light fixtures, appliances, doorknobs, ceiling fans, and windowsills.


If you have renovated a building with furniture in it, you will need to clean the furniture to ensure that no particulates remain. Dust can settle into fibers and cause further issues in the future, so get rid of them as soon as you can.

Replace Air Filters

You should also replace air filters in the building, as there will have been a lot of debris floating and circulating while construction was taking place. Replace filters and clean vents thoroughly to make sure there is no lingering dust in them.

Your building will still need more cleaning, but you can tackle the dust first and foremost.

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